The Ultimate Fashionista Experience!

This is where we become soul sisters. It’s common to not realize when we’ve stopped putting an effort into the way we look. We become too busy or simply don’t know where to start. I am here to help you find a style that reflects who you are as a person and let you in on all of my tips and techniques to pull your entire look together.

The Ultimate Fashionista Experience begins with a personal consultation at your home or over a cup of coffee, and I will get to know you on a whole new level. I will uncover your interests, hobbies and inspirations in order to come up with a look that perfectly reflects your lifestyle and who you are. I will share concepts and inspiration for hair, clothing, makeup, and overall styling. Not everyone wants to dress like a Victoria Beckham and I don’t want you to either! Together we will come up with a style that is you- just a better, more confident you. The Ultimate Fashionista Experience also includes my In-Home Closet Consultation (3 hours) and the Shopping Extravaganza (3 hours).


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