Shopping at H&M is a little less intimidating than Forever 21 and you can still find amazing deals! From my experience their stock tends to move a little slower, thus the chance for more bargains. If you see a huge amount of inventory in the same style every time you go, chances are it will go on sale. It’s also good to keep in mind (as with any store), they buy for their demographic depending on the location. That’s why when you go to a mall in a populated area, they tend to have more to choose from. When it comes to their end of season or mid season sales, different stores will have different items on sale depending on which styles are more popular in their demographic. For example: This little dress below was originally $49.00 at a more popular mall and I found it at an H&M off the beaten path for $20! I matched this with a pair of heels from Zara for $49 and a necklace from H&M for $17.



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