personal shopping

Shopping Extravaganza

Do you get anxiety or feel clueless every time you enter a mall?  Do you ever see a girl wearing something that you admire but think you could never put an outfit together like that on your own? Well you’re in luck sister because this is my specialty! During our shopping trip, I will take you under my wing and together we will explore styles, colors and shapes that will flatter your figure. I can make you look fabulous with finds from Neiman Marcus or Forever 21 depending on your budget and specific goals for rebuilding your wardrobe. (Rates do not include cost of purchases.) 

For the assiduous woman on-the-go

Whether you’re a career woman, a mom, or a college student with a full schedule, it’s understandable that you’re busy and might not have the time (or in some cases, the interest) to spend hours at the mall. For these clients, I offer the option of shopping on your behalf! After picking out the perfect pieces, I present the options to you in the comfort of your own home. We will then determine what items you would like to keep, return or exchange. For this experience, a retainer fee is required.

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