Travel Finds

Market Shopping

While wandering through the small markets in Peru, it’s hard not to feel inspire by all of the colors and patterns. From ponchos to satchels and backpacks, this place was packed with fun things to bring home. I scored a backpack for around 45 soles ($15), that is still one of my favorite purchases from traveling abroad.


Bienvenidos A Peru!

The culture in Peru was nothing short of amazing. While wandering through the streets of Cusco, the traditional fashion and colors were plentiful. The women wear Polleras which are colorful woven skirts, K’eperina’s which are shoulder cloths typically used to carry small children, and Montera’s which are hats generally adorned with beads. I was in awe of all the colors!



Astronomical Clock

Prague is Disneyland on steroids – oh and all of the buildings are actually 1,100 years old. The astronomical clock was installed on the early 1400’s and is the oldest operating astronomical clock in the world. Seeing it in person gives you this wild sense of magic and imagination.


John Lennon Wall, Prague

The John Lennon wall which is (now) is fittingly situated in Prague, was once a place where all of the “young rebels” would express their distain for communism. Since the Velvet Revolution, this wall is still a place for people to express their ideas for love and world peace. My favorite quote written on the wall says “Keep one side of the line with the other in my hand, I’ll run around the world and if lose myself you pull.” <3


Vienna waits for you

One of my all time favorite Billy Joel songs is “vienna waits for you” so I was excited to see what it was all about. It did not disappoint! On our second day we found ourselves wandering around the amazing Hundertwasserhaus village. Friedensreich Hundertwasserhaus was a painter who later became focused on architecture and built this “house” which hosts 53 apartments. He was so concerned with the look and vision of the complex that he took no payment for the design which has now become a huge part of Vienna’s cultural heritage.


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