We all come into this world with a purpose. Whether you believe in the bigger picture or you believe that our time ends here, we can all agree that everyone is born with their own innate gifts and talents to share in their lifetime. You may be a brainiac, a child prodigy, a creative or a nurturer, but each of us have something specific that sets us apart and an authentic way of doing them that makes us unique. That’s why continuously comparing ourselves to other people and other people’s lives is so destructive. We weren’t meant to have the same path as everybody else, that’s exactly what makes us an individual. We all came into this world to fulfill our very own journey to enlightenment and every one of us have different lessons with different paths to get there.

Don’t lose sight of your own path because you are trying to walk on someone else’s.

I have had a lot of moments where I gave myself a hard time and compared my life to the life of my peers which left me feeling discouraged about the progress I had made. Then you take a big look around and realize that we all have issues and whos to say trading your issues for someone else’s would make you any happier of a person? It’s like the phrase “more money, more problems” but when you are broke that seems to be the only solution to your problems, or “relationships are a lot of work” but when you are alone companionship is the only thing you crave. With each new set of circumstances comes a new set of lessons that we are given to master. Hence the term, the grass is always greener on the other side or be careful what you wish for.

Personally I don’t feel like we ever get “there” or “make it” in this lifetime because our lives and circumstances will always continue to change. I believe there are beautiful moments in life where everything finds complete balance and along with each new chapter of life comes a fresh new set of goals to strive for.

Everything circles back to helping you appreciate being present and in the now because even when you get what you want, you are still going to be faced with new hurdles that you didn’t anticipate. Life is a long journey for most of us and what helps us to constantly find a rhythm and regain balance is what most people fear. Change. That’s why we can’t compare our lives to others because we are all ebbing and flowing at different times, with different lessons and different experiences. Find the innate things about you that are different and set you apart because comparing yourself to what someone else has will only dim your own light. Realize that this is your unique journey and no one else can walk your path but you, so appreciate being in the moment and make it count!

Do you find it a challenge not to compare your life to others? Is there a way you can learn to appreciate your individual path and realize that your own self growth is what’s most important?