This season has brought back mounds of Spanish influence into art & fashion, with amazing accents and colors! With so many “fiesta” themed birthdays, showers and gatherings, this season you are sure to find a plethora of options out there. My friend found this piece from F21 and I gladly took it off her hands. I paired it with some amazing tassel earrings I found at H&M for $12, threw my hair in a bun, and feel pretty festive!

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Going to a museum is one of the easiest ways for me to find inspiration. Over the span of time and cultures, it’s crazy to see how the past is still such an influence in modern day art and fashion. I took a trip to the Bowers Museum located in Orange County, which is heavily influenced by Native American, Asian, and Oceanian cultures. If you ever find yourself in Santa Ana, be sure to stop by!

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Sedona, az

I decided to take a solo road trip to Sedona, which is a place I have wanted to visit for years. Sedona is known to be a very spiritual place full of energy, healing powers, and home to many “vortexes”. While I didn’t locate a vortex, I did feel the undeniable energy that comes from the red rocks and it’s majestic surroundings. I encourage everyone to put Sedona on their list of top places to visit as it will not disappoint!

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never grow up

Being a resident in Southern California has many perks and one of them is being fifteen minutes from Disneyland! I remember my mom taking me as a kid and every morning before school she would wake me up to the soundtrack of the Electrical Light Parade. Golden. Even though I just turned (coughs) thirty years old, there is still the feeling of magic in the air every time I visit. Now of course it’s almost better because you get to enjoy a glass of wine! Cheers to the big kid that stays in all of us – may we never forget her and never grow up! 🙂

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from Russia with love

When one of my best friend’s told me she was going back home to Russia for three weeks, I jumped on the opportunity to invite myself… naturally ;). I landed in Saint Petersburg and was greeted with roses and wine at the airport and had already fallen in love with the hospitality! We spent the next few days in Saint Petersburg wandering in amazement through the Hermitage, Church of the Savior on Blood, Saint Petersburg Mosque, and countless restaurants and sites on Nevsky Prospekt. We even squeezed in the ballet! Next we were off to Moscow to adventure through the city of 13 million people. Let me tell you, it’s a CITY. Red square was by far the highlight which is home to the famous Kremlin and St. Basil’s Cathedral. After literally eating and drinking our way through the city it was time to head back to Saint Petersburg for one more night in Russia which we ended at a traditional dinner show filled with caviar and vodka!

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