Month: December 2016

I ❤️Alexandria

Alexandria is a quaint little gem located in Virginia and filled with American history. With amazing brownstone’s and streets lined with cozy restaurants & shops, Alexandria has all the charm in the world! With the weather being in the high 40’s it was necessary to bundle up. I found this amazing faux fur lined denim jacket by Mink Pink at Off Saks for under $80. It is the perfect jacket for adding a little spunk to the normal “winter wear” and will keep you warm too!


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City scapes, Washington D.C.

I haven’t had the privilege of making it back to our nations capital since the 8th grade, and might I say this city is spectacular as an adult! From walking through the constitutional gardens and seeing all the surrounding history, you can’t help but be filled with pride for this country. Not to mention D.C. has some of the top restaurants & bars in the county. With secret underground lounges and world renowned cuisine, D.C. is now one of my favorite cities in the US!

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