Month: June 2016

They’re baaaaaack

As you have all noticed, the choker’s we rocked in the 6th grade are back! And if we are being honest, I absolutely I love them. Choker’s (like any necklace), are the easiest and cheapest way to update any outfit and get the “in” look. I found a plethora at F21 – all at about $6 a piece. Rock on Tai Frasier. IMG_2748

Hello Summer

If you are like me, you always break or lose your sunglasses. Leave it to F21 to give us amazing clones of the hottest summer styes. These are reminiscent of Ray Ban’s mirrored aviators but you wouldn’t know unless you were up close and personal. The best part is, if I lose or abuse these puppies, I’m out a whopping $6.



Have you ever thought of going to Lima? Think again. If you do though, you MUST visit the fabulous flagship museum by Mario Testino. My friend and I decided to lay over in Lima for a night and after several glasses of champagne, the Mario Testino gallery became one of the highlights of our entire trip. With his amazing photography ranging from Vogue to Vanity Fair, we were in awe of this little gem we found. Not to mention it’s a non-profit with the proceeds helping Peruvian development and culture.


The New “Ponytail”

J.LO rocked it and so can you. The half pony is my absolute go to when I don’t feel like washing my hair or a good style to try if you are not into the “half bun” look. It’s fun, flirty, and a great day-to-night look. Wear this for a sun kissed day by the beach or a gals night out!


Je Taime

For those of you that have been, you know the “I left my heart in Paris” withdrawals are real. It’s not just the food, culture or overall ambiance you feel when you are there, it truly does stay with you when you leave. Maybe it’s the heart locket or mystery surrounding the couples names on the locks, but this is one of my favorite picture I snapped there.