Month: April 2016

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu, which is nestled in the small town of Urubamba, is by far the closest thing to heaven on earth. Just stepping off the train in the pitch dark gave me a strange feeling of an energy I have never felt before. The only word to describe it is mystical. We hiked 3,000 steps in the rain but it was an adventure in every sense of the word! Let’s just say – the view was worth it. 😉


Market Shopping

While wandering through the small markets in Peru, it’s hard not to feel inspire by all of the colors and patterns. From ponchos to satchels and backpacks, this place was packed with fun things to bring home. I scored a backpack for around 45 soles ($15), that is still one of my favorite purchases from traveling abroad.


Bienvenidos A Peru!

The culture in Peru was nothing short of amazing. While wandering through the streets of Cusco, the traditional fashion and colors were plentiful. The women wear Polleras which are colorful woven skirts, K’eperina’s which are shoulder cloths typically used to carry small children, and Montera’s which are hats generally adorned with beads. I was in awe of all the colors!



Dedicated to my soul mate

My trip to Europe with my mom will forever be the highlight of my life. We made so many friends, ate the most amazing food, laughed hysterically and got wonderfully lost in new cities together. It was also during our trip that I realized something was seriously wrong with my mom’s health. The moment we landed back in the states, I took her to the hospital and 3 days later they told us she had brain cancer. Within 4 months she was gone but I am forever grateful and will never forget our fabulous trips together. Here we are sitting at the Book Cafe in Budapest – one of my very favorite pictures of the two of us. 🙂